Sunda’s menu draws inspiration from the flavours of Southeast Asia, using lesser-known regional ingredients and native Australian produce.

We will be offering a tasting experience with The Full Sunda Experience set menu – available for dinners, Thursday to Saturday. Set to take you on a culinary journey of fine produce, the menu showcases Khanh’s prowess at intermingling native Australian and Southeast Asian ingredients.

The Sunda’s Classics menu – a collection of familiar Sunda favourites including signatures such as our otak otak – will continue to be offered for Saturday lunch.

A vegetarian set menu and wine pairing options will be available for both.

New on the list of offerings is a Sunda Seafood Plate, featuring a selection of the country’s finest seafood like Rottness Island scallop and storm shell clam, presented with Sunda flair. This optional add-on will be available for both lunch and dinner, and advance orders are required.


the sunda experience

the sunda vegetarian experience

the sunda classics (saturday lunch)

the sunda vegetarian classics (saturday lunch)