drawing inspiration from indonesia, malaysia and vietnam, using lesser-known regional ingredients and native australian produce. the menu ranges from snacks designed to be eaten in one bite through to smaller and larger dishes all designed to be shared. coeliac menu and vegetarian menu options available.


set menu a selection of dishes from each section of the menu 80
matched beverages 50


crispy tempeh, ginger flower, tamarind, palm sugar 6
pie tee, whipped egg custard, salted vegetables, chilli bean 5
rock oyster, coconut curry vinaigrette, eschalot, tasmanian pepperleaf 6
wagyu rendang bun, pickled radish, fermented sambal 9


raw scallops, cucumber, andaliman pepper, betel leaf 23
‘otak otak’, spanner crab curry, finger lime, rice crisps 27
cured kangaroo, witlof, smoked egg yolk, toasted rice 23
fremantle octopus, bush tomato, lemongrass sambal, onion 24


smoked eggplant, davidsons plum,  fermented coconut 29
w.a marron, belacan butter, wakame, vietnamese mint 42
spanish mackerel, asam laksa,  geraldton wax 38
pork cutlet, rainforest tamarind, rhubarb, kohlrabi 39
lamb rump, cashew nut,  native curry 40


charred cucumber, laughing cow cheese, jungle curry, lemon myrtle 17
roasted cabbage, sesame paste, nashi pear, curry oil 15
egg noodles, XO sauce, chicken crackling, pepperberry 22
nasi ulam, aromatic herb fried rice, aniseed myrtle, tobiko 18


jasmine rice cream, mango, strawberry gum, liquorice 16
bika ambon, banana custard, macadamia, pandan 18
vietnamese coffee, chocolate, coconut, wattleseed 16