Secondbite Gala Dinner

We are proud to be involved with SecondBite’s Gala Dinner this year, which will be held at the Melbourne Town Hall on 3 June.

Secondbite focuses on rescuing food and turning it into meals for those in need, an issue that is close to our hearts as individuals in the food & restaurant industry.

At Sunda, we re-purpose as much of the off-cuts from the menu as possible; using it in stocks and sauces or in our staff meals.

Which is why we were thrilled when we were invited by Matt Preston to join other legendary chefs in the field (Scott Pickett, Dave Verheul – Embla, Lesa, Sam Cheetham – Cumulus Inc and Phillippa Grogan) to create an item for the gala dinner to raise funds for the cause.

For Waste Not Want Not (the theme for the Gala Dinner), Head Chef Khanh Nguyen will be creating a canapé version of the otak otak, featuring spanner crab, finger lime, fish sauce & rice crisps.

Tickets to the event can be purchased via this link: